Posted by: lifeboatlady | 14/12/2011

Lifeboat Gent Gets Bronzed

Lifeboat Lady was really pleased this summer when Tim Yeowell, known in these pages as Lifeboat Gent, was awarded the RNLI’s Bronze Badge for his education work in the Eastern Region.   Somehow it makes all those stifling hot days spent at scout jamborees, cub megacamps and so on  –  that’s when we’re not squelching around in the mud  –  and hours spent on seaside piers in the driving rain with imminent danger of frostbitten fingers  –  seem worth while.

The Badge was presented at RNLI East’s Awards Ceremony held at Robinson College, Cambridge.   Lifeboat Gent was actually away on holiday at the time, and came back specially for the day.   Here he is receiving his Badge.

We had plenty of friends receiving awards too.   On the fund-raising side, Janet Slater from Epping received her Silver Badge, and Peter Hacking from Thurrock his Bronze Badge.   Then from our Education Team, Paul Rush from Stowmarket received the Silver Badge, John Tingey from Walton the Bronze Badge, and Michael Knight also received an award.

After a very pleasant lunch,  all the awards were presented.

Here’s Education Manager East, Judith Duncan, with the four members of her team who won awards.   Left to right: Tim Yeowell, John Tingey, Judith Duncan, Paul Rush and Michael Knight.

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