Posted by: lifeboatlady | 21/05/2012

Monte Blogg of Cromer

Those who know about the history of Cromer lifeboats and the great Henry

Henry Blogg and Monte

Blogg may also know about his dog, Monte.  

In October 1932 the Cromer lifeboat was called to the Italian ship, Monte Nevoso, which was stranded on Haisborough Sands.   The lifeboat made many launches to the vessel and rescued 29 of the crew.   The captain and three other crew refused to leave the ship, but when the vessel broke up they left in their own motor boat.   The lifeboat returned home 52 hours after the first launch.

Henry Blogg received his first RNLI Silver Medal for this rescue and a Silver Medal and diploma from the Italian Government.   He also received a Canine Defence League medal for saving the life of a Tyrolean sheepdog that had been on the ship.   Henry liked dogs, so the captain gave it to him and he called it Monte, after the ship.

From then on, the dog often appeared in photographs of Henry or of the lifeboat crew.

Well now the crew members at Cromer have been joined by another Monte.   And what’s more he has his own Facebook page.

Monte is becoming widely travelled.   He has visited lifeboat stations around the East Anglian coast, but has also been to Wales and Northern Ireland.   He’s had one or two narrow escapes.   When he was out on the Cromer Tamar, there was a moment when it looked like he might go overboard.   And then the crew put him out on to the East Sheringham buoy;  he looks stranded and lonely, but says they didn’t leave him there long.

For those of you on Facebook, here’s the link to Monte’s page.

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