Posted by: lifeboatlady | 27/07/2015

Cromer could do with more volunteers

When I was in Cromer recently, (my special lifeboat station),Cromer's Tamar I was told there is a shortage of volunteers who are available at any time of the day.   Now Coxwain John Davies, (of the famous Cromer lifeboat family which included Henry Blogg), has appeared on BBC Look East to talk about the problem.

Cromer, he said, has a crew of 30 including shore helpers, and mans an All Weather Lifeboat housed at the station on the pier, and an Inshore boat housed next to the Henry Blogg Museum.    But many of those 30 work on the rigs or in Norwich and are only available at certain times.

As he said, Cromer RNLI never has and never will fail to launch to a call, but they have had to sail with less than the regular number of crew on board.   They need new volunteers not just for the lifeboat crews but as shore crew, fund raisers and Museum and shop helpers.

RNLI lifeboats are provided by voluntary funding, and crewed by volunteers.   Cromer station is looking for more.    Could you help?

Here’s the link to the Look East film on iPlayer, but it expires tonight.

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